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We are a community of faith called to seek and serve Christ in All persons at the crossroads: The Body of Christ offering Infinite Respect and Radical Hospitality To All.

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An Introduction for Visitors & Newcomers

We are excited that you are visiting us online, but the best way to find out who we are is to join us for a worship service on Sunday morning. There, you'll be greeted by other seekers who will do their best to make you feel at home.  Our goal at Christ Episcopal Church is to make newcomers feel comfortable and welcome. We realize that it can be intimidating to visit a new church and ask questions.

You will be given the space to reflect on your faith and spiritual journey when you visit. We strive to welcome and be available to answer any questions you may have, without pressure to make commitments you may not be ready for. This page attempts to answer some of the common questions that a newcomer might have.  Other general information is on the About Us page.  If you have additional questions please contact Lisa Fletcher at (216) 767-0736, contact the church office, or talk to an usher when you visit.

Our Services

Our regular Sunday morning and Saturday late-afternoon worship services are the Holy Eucharist as prescribed by the Book of Common Prayer. All persons without exception are invited to join us at God's Table. Children take communion as they express interest or when their parents believe they are ready. Bulletins are available from ushers as you enter Christ Church or are located on the table in the narthex (entry hall) of either the Chapel or the Main Church. Our services on Saturday and 8:00 am on Sunday average about one hour long. The 10:30 Sunday morning service averages seventy minutes in duration. Our worship is based on several approved sources including the The Book of Common Prayer, Enriching Our Worship and Prayer Books from other Provinces in the Anglican Communion. The Book of Common Prayer, The Hymnal 1982 and the hymnal Lift Every Voice and Sing are located in each pew. We also use music from other resources including Wonder, Love and Praise and Voices Found.

Worship at Christ Church strives to reflect the richness and diversity available in the Christian Church today. Eucharistic Prayers change periodically within the seasons of the Church calendar. In months with five Sundays we plan liturgies on the fifth Sunday that celebrate a variety of different musical styles including Jazz, Taize, Latino and African musical expressions.


Our Worship

The Episcopal Church is neither Catholic nor Protestant, but rather a blending of these two Christian expressions of faith. Liturgically we express the Catholic (Anglican, Roman, Lutheran, Orthodox) tradition. Theologically we reflect the Protestant tradition. It is why the Altar, (representing the Eucharist) and the Pulpit (representing the scripture or the Word) are given equal architectural placement in our churches.

If you are not familiar with Episcopal worship, please feel free to ask questions of those seated around you and to worship in a manner that is comfortable to you. Our normal practices are to stand for singing, the reading of the Holy Gospel and the recitation of the Nicene Creed, the Confession and Absolution and the Eucharistic Prayer. Most of us stand for prayer although others choose to kneel and this is a matter of personal preference. In the penitential season of Lent most of us do kneel (or sit) for the Confession. You may receive communion either kneeling or standing. Other physical actions such as bowing or crossing oneself are personal aids to worship and acceptable within the congregation.

A little patience with some curiosity that leads to questions and conversations about who we are will, we hope, have you come to love this unique and sometimes quirky expression of the Christian faith called the Episcopal Church!

If you would like to know more about these practices, please speak with The Reverend Peter Faass, our Rector, or Lynn Winkelman, our Senior Warden. The national Episcopal Church Visitors' Center offers additional information.


We're Accessible

Christ Church is wheelchair accessible. The parking spaces at the south end of the alley behind the church are reserved for handicapped persons during worship services and special events. We also have a hearing loop. If you have any queries regarding any other particular needs, please do not hesitate to contact the church office.


All Are Welcome

Spend some time on our website to get an idea of the character of our community, email us to let us know who you are and how Christ Church can be of service. You can ask to join the mailing list, receive a visit or a call from the Rector, leave a prayer request, or tell us what you're interested in.

You won't feel like a newcomer for long and remember, all are welcome!

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